Phone Factors


3D printed PLA 
144 x 78 x 9 mm, open
75 x 78 x 18 mm, closed
The compact phone is a foldable smartphone with two screens that work in tandem. The clamshell design recalls old flip phones and handheld game consoles, along with more ubiquitous objects such as the compact mirror or magnetic compass.

This sentimental form allows for a more emotionally durable object, as well as a physically resilient phone.


3D printed PLA
132 x 66 x 8 mm
The candybar is a modular smartphone, fully customizable to suit a user’s specific needs. Modules can be easily replaced or swapped out: users can substitute the physical keypad for a larger screen, or obtain a smaller camera lens in favor of more storage.

Modularity helps lower the cost of upgrading the phone, creating a longer-lasting object that benefits its users and the environment.


3D printed PLA
95 x 68 x 32 mm
The soapstone is a feature phone with an electronic ink display. E-ink is easy on the eyes, comparable to the pages of a paperback.

The gradual refresh rate and gentleness of e-ink encourages users to slow down, which can be welcome in a world of constant access to news and notifications. The comfortable form of the phone allows for more consideration and awareness of the object being held.